Facebook Gives Higher Priority To Those Who Users See As Friends

People have recently been complaining about the order in which their Facebook News Feed as ordered the updates from their friends and family, Facebook has now vowed to change that.

According to the BBC, Facebook has said that its members has expressed concerns that they were missing “important updates” from the people they cared about.

The social network has conducted several surveys and found that users wanted to see more content from people they deemed “friends”, including celebrities and known persoanlities, as opposed to updates from brands and groups that they liked back in 2008.

Facebook has said that it will be changing its algorithms to accommodate the requests from its users.

“We are not distinguishing in this change of my friend shared a photo of their daughter or if they shared a link to an article about current events”

Adam Mosseri told the BBC, “We think both of those are content that connects people with their ‘friends’… and are valued more highly now in our system”

“It is possible that some publishers may see a small but noticeable drop in reach, but I don’t think this will be a very big change”

Reality television stars are often seen to their fans as more approachable, relatable, and “real” than Hollywood superstars and singers. Meaning that they follow the stars of reality television, and interact with them, as they would their real-life friends.

The down-to-earth personas of the reality television stars on social media networks makes their lifestyles seem more normal and achievable to fans, meaning that they would rather see posts on their Facebook News Feed from reality TV personalities than from Clickbait-y brands and sponsored posts, and are more likely to engage in the organic material posted by their role models.

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